2 Knit Lit Chicks

Recorded at Stitches West February 23 - 26, 2017

No Book Talk

Waze app

Franklin Habit’s blog,  The Panopticon

His column on the Skacel website, Fridays with Franklin

Barry Klein

Trendsetter Yarns

Front Range Bags 

The Altered Stitch

Planned Parenthood

Alexandra’s Crafts

The FiberLady

Newton’s Yarn Country


Anne Berk


Mother Bear 

Halos of Hope

Inner Yarn Zen 

Meris by Elizabeth Doherty 

Franklin Habit’s I Dream of Yarn

Dragonfly Fibers 

Lisa Souza Dyeworks 

Luiseach by Handiworks Ltd

Knitting Rose Yarns Buffboo 

Lang Merino+ Color

Myra Wood

Bead Biz

Stunning String Studio

Smorgasbord Cowl

Ho’onanea Shawl 

Knitting Rose Yarns


Dizzy Blonde Studios

2 Guys Yarn Company 


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