2 Knit Lit Chicks

Recorded on June 23, 2021

Book Talk starts at: 23:40

Virtual get-together via Zoom on Saturdays, 12 noon  PST - Details here


Our annual Mother Bear KAL has started!  



Any Mother Bear that you have knit or crocheted in 2021 is eligible to post in our FO Thread

One post per bear please.

Please see all the rules and participate in the Chatter Thread.


Let's turn out a record number of bears!  



Barb's Koko Bean Hat




Barb finished:

  • Mother Bears #239 & #240
  • Koko Bean Hat by JudithMarieKnits, using random worsted scrap yarn


Tracie finished:

  • Mother Bears 248 - 251
Barb is working on:
Barb has cast on:
Bankhead Hat #16 using random worsted scraps
Tracie is still working on:

Tracie has cast on:



Barb finished  2 books:

Tracie has finished 10 books:

Thumbs Up /Down
Tracie talked about some of her "Yarn Room" art that came from Knit Baah Purl
Barb recommended the podcast The Opportunist - she really liked Season 1, and also Season 2 which is going on now.
She also recommended the Peacock series Mr. Mercedes.


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